Sunday, November 16, 2008

...And the Hits Just Keep Coming

As a Senator, Hillary Clinton has been pretty worthless. During the Democratic primaries earlier this year, she talked up her record, arguing it gave her more experience. A quick check of that record revealed that, in her 8 years in the Senate, she's authored or co-authored fewer than two-dozen bills, nearly all of them concerned with frivolous nonsense like naming roads and bridges. This was in sharp contrast to Barack Obama who, though having served only a portion of a single term, had authored or co-authored hundreds of bills on every subject under the sun. While Obama had been working like a house of fire on substantive issues, she’s been a passive space-filler, showing no initiative and content to sit back, collect a paycheck and vote on other people’s work, siding with the Bush administration on nearly everything that mattered. Still, those in the corporate press liked Hillary and while they reported her own crowing about her superior "experience," the truth about that experience was mostly kept from public view.

Throughout the primaries, Clinton ran an absolutely despicable campaign. Faced, in Barack Obama, with a surging contender who threatened to topple her from what she seemed to consider her right to be this year's party candidate, Clinton turned her campaign into a loud, obnoxious circus headed by an utterly unscrupulous serial-liar of a candidate who cheerfully wallowed in sleaze and garbage on a daily basis. She continued plugging away long after she'd passed the point where she could numerically win the nomination, formulating a despicable strategy of riding the matter all the way to the convention, preventing Obama from accumulating enough delegates for an outright win and trying to convince the party superdelegates to pull a George Bush Jr.--to overturn the results of the election and coronate her as the candidate. Even when Obama cinched enough delegates to make him the undisputed winner, she failed to concede and only gave up the ghost when this proved too much for even many of her least ethical supporters in the party. Even as she was surrendering the fight, she launched a vain effort--virtually attempted blackmail--to lobby to be chosen as Obama's Vice Presidential candidate.

The words "stop it, already" seemed as alien to her as simple human decency. Her presidential dreams crushed though, she did eventually shuffle off the stage, the quiet reaction of most conscientious observers being "good riddance to bad rubbish."

It seems it just wasn't to be.

This week finds the press awash in stories that Barack Obama is considering naming this same Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State.

Rumor? Possibly. Those in the press have to have something to report if they wish to keep Bush's last-minute antics off the front page. The fact that the story doesn't immediately sound absurdly far-fetched is a comment on the expectations engendered by the present transition.

And by the way, Henry Kissinger told an Indian audience, yesterday, that, if true, this would be "an outstanding choice." Sort of says it all.


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