Monday, March 29, 2010

Courage, Consequence, and the Iraq Papers

Karl Rove is now making the rounds in the press pimping his memoir "Courage And Consequence." I'm not sure if Karl is telling us he thinks he's "courageous" with that title, but it's a fact that he faced no consequences for what he did when his puppet was in power. None of the Bushlings have faced any real consequences for what they did, and, with Rove jaunting from one press appearance to another offering a nonsensical, revisionist version of the Iraq mess, I thought I'd devote a post to some of the things they actually did do.

What I'm calling "The Iraq Papers" began life as a series of untitled posts to various boards and groups I frequented over the years. I created them because, whenever the subject of Iraq came up, I so often found myself covering the same ground. Over time, they became an evolving compendium of information on the Bush administration's Iraq policy. For quickie knock-off message board posts that condense this much information, they're not bad, even if they do often sacrifice proper citations for the sake of space. I called them "The Iraqi Papers" because it makes them sound more important than "A Whole Buncha' Message Board Posts On Iraq." In order:

The Road to War

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #1: Browbeating the Intelligence Community

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #2: Bush's Non-Intelligent Estimate

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #3: The Cabal

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #4: Down The Tubes

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #5: Discharges From the Col[o]n

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #6: Satel-Lies

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #7: Anatomy of a Speech

Pre-War Intel Manipulation #8: A Hell of a Punchline

The Iraq Survey Group & Its Conclusions

I've stored them and linked to them through my old Left Hook! Archive, as I do a lot of my old articles. Any comments are, as always, welcome.


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Eric said...

On the facts, the decision for Operation Iraqi Freedom - explained here - was correct on the law and justified on the policy. The casus belli was the Saddam regime's evidential material breach across the board of the Gulf War ceasefire, including and especially Iraq's disarmament (WMD), terrorism, and humanitarian obligations.